UK plan to replace migrant carers with automation branded ‘ridiculous’

A UK government plan to replace migrant care workers with automation has been slammed as “ridiculous” by one of the country’s AI luminaries. The new immigration system would close the door to “low-skilled” workers from the EU, who currently make up a huge proportion of staff in social care, a sector where there are already more than 120,000 job vacancies — and growing demand. The government wants employers to fill this gap with “wider investment in technology and automation.” “We need to shift the focus of our economy away from a reliance on cheap labor from Europe and instead concentrate on investment in technology and automation,” reads a…

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Introducing Buffer + Shopify: Simplified Shopify reporting in your Buffer dashboard

One thing we’ve heard over and over is that logging into social media analytics tools can leave marketers feeling a little lost. Sure you can see the reach and engagement of your posts but how is this really impacting your business?

Social media tools have been great at giving us social media metrics. But they terribly lack at providing us with a comprehensive view of the business. Unless you are running social ads, chances are you find it hard to know how your marketing efforts have influenced sales.

For direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands that invest in social media, the need to understand how social media and sales relate to each other is crucial. Marketers at these brands need to know how their social media strategy is helping the business. To them, social media is not just about getting likes and comments…

but how their social media posts are driving the business forward.

That’s why we are thrilled to introduce the first version of our Shopify integration today. You can now have your social and Shopify data in one single tool and create modern, visual reports with more data about your business. 

(Can’t wait to get started? Start an Analyze Premium trial to try the integration right away!)

Realize the full potential of your brand

Our customers use our platform of products to build their brand and connect with their customers online. Analyze, our new analytics product, aims to help you realize the full potential of your brand.

To achieve the best version of your brand, we want to give you:

  • More data to provide a more complete picture of your brand
  • Data that are easy to understand and share
  • Strategies and tactics to achieve your goals

Currently, social media marketing can feel isolated from the business. You spend time creating content, find the best time to post, and respond to questions on your posts. At the end of the day, you can only report on follower growth, reach, and engagement.

Only if you had more data about your marketing efforts and the business!

When we look at 1,300 top DTC brands, we learned that 87.4 percent of them use Shopify to sell their products.

Shopify provides data that marketers and small business owners often lack in social media tools — sales data. We realized it’s a source of data that could give you a more complete picture of your brand:

Social + sales

Simplified Shopify reporting in your Buffer dashboard

“We usually cross reference metrics from Shopify and our social media analytics.”

When we asked our customers how they figure out whether what they are doing on social is worth it, we heard several versions of the quote above. That’s when we realized our customers have a problem we could solve.

With the new Shopify integration, you’ll have your social media and Shopify data in a single place — Analyze. For this first version, we focus on a few key metrics you need and put them in the same dashboard as your social media data.

At the top of your Shopify tab, you can get a quick health check-in on your business. This is built for you to get a sense of your business health at a glance.

One of the metrics you’ll get is your average customer lifetime value. This is an important metric to know because to have a profitable business, you generally want to spend less money on acquiring new customers and retaining them than they spend on your products.

You’ll also get data to help you understand where your sales are coming from and what products are selling well.

Which channel drives the most number of customers or the highest sales?

Which channel brings in the most valuable customers?

Which are my top products, and where are the sales coming from?

This additional data from Shopify in Analyze will give you a better picture of your business than having only social media data.

To make it easier for your reporting, you can add the tables to your reports in Analyze, download them as PDF, and share them with your team. Just like any other tables and charts in Analyze.

Connecting social media and sales

For a long time, marketers have struggled to show the impact of social media on the bottom line. Much of this data is not available in social media tools that marketers use to plan, optimize, and report their campaigns. It just felt off that marketers can plan and measure their social media campaigns in one tool but have to find another, often much more complicated, tool to know that the campaigns are selling products.

Now you can report how much sales your social media marketing strategy has generated for the business — using a single tool.

(These numbers do not include orders from customers who saw your social media posts and went to Google to search for your website and buy products. That is much harder to track right now. But you now know, at the minimum, how much sales came directly from your social media profiles and the actual impact is much higher.)

You no longer need to jump between tools to draw the connection between your social media efforts and your sales.

Hannah Pilpel, social project manager at MADE.COM, discovered that customers from organic social have a higher average order value than the site average. You can now see this for your business, too.

Gain a better understanding of your brand

Having more data and analytics is essential for realizing the full potential of your brand. It gives you insights to act on and improve your marketing campaigns so that you can grow your brand and your business.

This is just the first version of our Shopify integration, and we are keen to explore more ways to make it more valuable to you. For example, here are some of the areas we have been thinking about:

  • Per-post sales: Find out how much sales each social media post has generated
  • Campaign sales: Know how much sales your campaign has generated
  • Customer insights: Learn more about the social media users who are buying your products
  • Customer lifetime value: Calculate customer lifetime value for different segments
  • Product buzz: Get insights into who’s talking about your products on social

For now, with your social media and Shopify data together in Analyze, you can already have a better understanding of your marketing and brand.

Give yourself an advantage today.

Try Analyze for free.

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5 Unexpected Places to Find Inspiration For Your Next Graphic Design Project

Every single day, we have to come into our jobs needing to be creative.

And it’s hard to always have that kind of pressure on us. A lovely, lovely pressure that we obviously love having.

But sometimes, just like writers, we go through some type of block.

I like to call it a creativity block.

So today, I want to go over what you can do when you go through a creative design block, and unexpected places to find it.

5 Unexpected Places to Get Inspiration From For Your Next Graphic Design Project 

So today, I want to go over what you can do when you go through a creative design block, and unexpected places to find it. Let’s do it!

1. Vintage Magazines & Posters

design inspiration vintage magazines

There’s a reason we all feel a little nostalgic and proud when we find a vintage diamond in the rough.

Everyone loves a blast to the past, and you can do that through your work.

One place that you can find unique designs and inspiration from is vintage literature.

vintage posters graphic design inspiration

Whether it’s a poster or magazine, take a deep look at these vintage pieces, find the smallest details and be inspired by them.

I recommend taking a stroll through your local thrift shop and take a look through the vintage literature.

You’re bound to find something there, a hidden gem, that will make your work have that extra pizzaz that you need.

2. Construction & Home Decor Stores

Another crazily unexpected place that you can find design inspiration is at construction or home goods stores.

I know, sounds crazy, but hear me out.

I don’t think I speak just for myself when I say that seeing modern home decor totally inspires my inner designer.

Some of the shapes and designs of home decor just get my design wheels spinning.

Whether it’s a shape, a color scheme, or just a walk around the store, I feel like I always come home with a good idea that I need to immediately jot down.

where to find design inspiration

So my advice is that you look down an aisle with things you love, whether it’s little knick-knacks and toys, or lights and chandeliers, keep your eye out for sleek designs that you could implement into your next design.

3. Graphic Tees From Thrift Shops

Can you tell that I love thrift shops?

Listen, besides being a sustainable way to shop and dress, going, searching, and shopping for graphic tees is an amazing, and let me say it again for those in the back, amazing way to find design inspiration.

Just head on over the graphic tee section of any thrift store or vintage store and start taking a look at the t-shirts.

You’ll find some terrible, terrible designs that will definitely show you what not to do, but on the flip side, you might just find the basis for your next design project.

Shirts from the ’70s, ’80s, and 2010s will surely inspire you in one way or another.

Take it from me!

And of course, you can always purchase the shirt that inspires you so you can mark the moment.

4. Architecture


👏 I 👏love 👏 it.

There are literally millions of different designs, and each one is so unique.

So many amazing, unexpected shapes, corners, and designs everywhere you look.

I recommend using Pinterest and searching for architecture, and you’ll be presented with hundreds of thousands of creations that you can gain inspiration from.

5. Walks in Nature

And finally, we come to our last, not so unexpected place to find inspiration.

Nature is the mother of all design.

And so, it’s no surprise that the ultimate place for you to find inspiration is in your own backyard, town, and national parks.

Everywhere you look in nature, you will always find beauty.

Everything has an intricate design if you look close enough.

So take a break, take a walk, and find your inspiration in nature.

Wrapping up

So take a stroll outside, to your nearest thrift store, or scroll on Pinterest.

Beauty is all around you, all you have to do is look for it.

Until next time,

Stay inspired, folks.

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Aviationstack: Real-time flight data, from the ground

aviation stack real time flight tracker

Isn’t it cool that we’ve come so far in technology that we’re able to not only fly from one side of the globe to the other in a matter of hours but track the airplane that does it from the ground? It may seem like a tall order, but there’s a tool out there that makes it possible.

Aviationstack is a free, real-time flight status and global aviation data API. But how does it work and what can you expect from it? Prepare for take-off.

aviation stack real time flight tracker

How does Aviationstack work?

Although it may sound complicated, I can assure you that it’s not. Once you sign up and receive your API key, you simply attach the access_key parameter to any valid API endpoint URL.

Once all is said and done, you can request real-time data for any flight at any time. Everything will be displayed in a simple, easy-to-read JSON format. This is something like what you can expect to see:

aviation stack real time flight tracker

Of course, this is a very simplified example. Aviationstack is capable of displaying all kinds of information on flights worldwide.


Aviationstack comes with loads of helpful features, some you may have never even known you needed. Here’s what you have to look forward to:

  • Live flight tracking
  • Historical flight data
  • Airline route lookup
  • Airport lookup
  • Airline lookup
  • Airplane lookup
  • City lookup
  • Country lookup
  • Aviation tax lookup
  • And more

As you can see, you can get basically any bit of information you need about any flight at any time. They boast quite an extensive list of flights, airlines, and related things that they can track with the press of a button.

aviation stack real time flight tracker

How can you get Aviationstack?

Aviationstack can be used on a personal or commercial level. That being said, the free version is for personal use only, so keep that in mind. 

Depending on your needs, there are a few packages that you can snag. On their pricing page, they list 5 pricing options, including the free one. As the plans scale up, the number of flights you can track monthly scales up, too.

aviation stack real time flight tracker

If Aviationstack looks like something that would be of us to you, then you’re going to get a killer deal. For the price and performance, there’s simply nothing else like it on the market. That’s certainly what the 5,000+ trusted companies around the world have come to find out.

To top it all off, Aviationstack is easily integrated. Any language, framework, and application is setup and running within minutes with their straightforward documentation and interactive endpoints.

aviation stack real time flight tracker

The conclusion

There’s only one conclusion to draw from this review: Aviationstack is a powerful flight data API that is the best (by far) on the market.

With the amount of data you can gather on any flight in any country at any time, the price is more than manageable, too. 

Check it out, poke around their main page, and give the free trial a spin. You won’t be disappointed.

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Positionstack: The Best Geocoding API in the World

position stack geocoding api

I think it’s safe to say that there are many benefits to geocoding. But it’s not always easy to find a tool that allows you to geocode easily and reliably. That is, of course, until now.

Positionstack is the world’s best forward and reverse geocoding API. I know that’s a big claim, but let’s talk about this a little bit.

position stack geocoding api

What is geocoding used for?

At its core, geocoding is simply a list of coordinates. But, it’s what you do with those coordinates that really matters. Geocoding provides very useful data for businesses worldwide. Of course, this completely depends on the company, but here are a few uses for geocoding:

  • Identifying geographic patterns

This is a simple concept. But gathering many addresses/coordinates could reveal some sort of pattern that businesses can take advantage of, whether it’s in marketing or sales in general.

  • Targeted marketing strategies

Speaking of marketing, geocoding can help you gather customer data in order to better implement targeted marketing strategies.

  • Government uses

The government uses geocoding to track developmental and population growth. They take this data into consideration when deciding whether or not to build a school, public parks, and so on.

How Positionstack makes geocoding easy

In the past, geocoding has been a rather drawn-out process. Now, with the aid of Positionstack’s API, it’s as simple as typing in an address.

But Positionstack also does reverse geocoding. What does that mean? Well, instead of using an address to get coordinates, you can use coordinates to get a real address.

To put it simply: Positionstack is light-weight, scalable, and easy to use. Plus, it’s easy to integrate.


So what kind of features can you expect from Positionstack? The answer might be surprising. Here’s what you have to look forward to:

  • Real-time forward/reverse geocoding
  • Batch requests
  • Embeddable maps
  • JSON, XML, and GeoJSON
  • Multiple languages
  • Worldwide coverage

The API is powered by a cloud infrastructure, which means it’s able to handle billions of requests at once. The average response time for each request is only 10-100ms. That’s lightning-fast.

The JSON format

Whether you’re familiar with JSON format or not, it’s incredibly easy to use and understand. I think you’ll honestly be surprised at the amount of data that you can get with one simple address. Take a look at this:

position stack geocoding api

These are the coordinates to a McDonald’s in Vatican City. But, if you take a closer look, there’s a lot more data than just latitude and longitude. 

As you scroll down, you can see the exact street, postal code, region, country, and even continent. Scroll even further down, and you will even find information on the currency used at said location:

To say that Positionstack is all-inclusive might be an understatement. With nothing but an address or coordinates, you can get more information about a location than you probably thought you needed.

The conclusion

One of the things I like most about Positionstack is how affordable it is. With the most powerful geocoding API on the market, you would expect a hefty price tag, but that couldn’t be further from reality.

position stack geocoding api

No matter the scale of your business, you will definitely find a plan that works for you. Even if you just want to try it out, there’s a free version that gives you a good taste of what the Positionstack API is capable of. Go and check it out.


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4 Tips on How to Simplify Your Website Design And Win Over New Customers

We’ve all seen a website so busy and unorganized that it literally makes every fiber in your being cringe.

I’m talking 0 effort in maintaining a color scheme, fonts galore, tons of pictures everywhere, no organization, and just terrible design overall.

That’s why today we’re going to go over 4 tips that explain how you can simplify your website and win over new customers!

4 Changes You Can Implement Today to Simplify Your Website Design and Make It Better 

You will lose clients faster than the speed of light with a terribly cluttered website design.

I mean, just take a look at the next two examples I’m gonna show you.

So here we have a busy website, with no specific focal point, and you don’t really know where to look, and it immediately stresses you out. You lose the client because he clicks off your site.

But then, we compare it to this…


When I look at this minimalist website design, especially compared to the other, my eyes are immediately set to ease. It’s literally like the inner designer in me just had the most amazing glass of wine and I’m just enjoying myself, admiring the design.

Alright, enough comparisons. Let’s just get things rolling over here.

Into the 4 tips we dive!

1. Simplify the Text


The most important page of all your website will be your homepage.

It’s the page that will set the tone for the rest of your site.

So it’s important that you get across what you’re trying to say quickly, efficiently, and simply.

There’s no need to clutter your website by writing so much text.

Most people just skim your website anyway! So, write your main text in bold headlines, add some details below, but not too much.

Only a small percentage of people will read the entire thing, so use your headlines to your advantage wisely!

2. Stick To A Color Scheme


A good color scheme always warms my heart, like grandma’s homemade apple pie on a summer’s day.

Maintaining a color scheme amongst your text, background elements, and images will automatically make you look more organized.

By using a color scheme, you can also bring focus to certain elements and manipulate the eye to go where you want it to.

By no means do you ever want a green font on a bright red background with orange and silver elements floating around the background. Unless you want you website to look like Christmas got a little wild at the Christmas staff party and vomited all over your website.

Go online or on any design inspiration website and type in popular color schemes on 2020, or color palettes, and save time and effort by finding beautiful palettes!

3. Limit Your Homepage To The Essentials


This kinda goes hand in hand with our first tip about limiting text.

Limit everything on the homepage and only keep what is essential.

Ask yourself, “What am I trying to achieve with this website and the homepage? What am I trying to show the customer?”

When you find the answer to that question, design your homepage accordingly.

Don’t add secondary/tertiary elements to the first bit of the homepage.

That’s what your menu tab and other secondary pages are for!

And speaking of menu tabs…

4. Scale Down Your Menu Tabs


For the love of simple design, keep your menu bar clean.

You don’t need a menu tab for 👏every 👏single 👏 element 👏of your website.

We’ve seen this way too many times than we’d personally like to admit, but some people give you the option of clicking on 20 different tabs.

As an alternative, create drop-down menu tabs where you have subcategories.

This will keep things squeaky-clean and peaceful for the eyes to look at.

No one will be frantically looking around for what they’re trying to find.

When things on your site and aesthetically pleasing and well-organized, your sales will go up.

And That’s It! 

I hope you found these 4 simple tips helpful and inspiring for your next minimalist website design.

Until next time,

Keep it simple and stay creative, folks!


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Brexit saves UK from the terrible EU copyright laws it helped create

Last year, the majority of EU states voted in favor of the controversial EU Copyright Directive, which its opponents say will greatly harm free speech online and open source initiatives. All EU countries have to implement it before June 2021, but now the UK — one of the member states that originally backed the legislation — has declared it will not adopt the directive as it’ll not be obligated to do so post Brexit, BBC reports. The remark about the decision, made by the country’s Universities and Science Minister, Chris Skidmore, will likely be celebrated by online platforms and content…

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GoDaddy Goes All-In With New Logo Design And Identity

Ah, GoDaddy.

The father of loads of website domains and the place of website hosting.

GoDaddy has been around for a long, long time. For 23 years to be exact.

And it was about time they got a little facelift.

GoDaddy Goes All-In With New Logo Design And Identity


GoDaddy was established back in 1997 and is a website registrar and web hosting company.

The company hosts over 19 million users, and if that’s not impressive enough, let me hit you with this statistic.

78 Million website domains have been registered through them.

So, if that doesn’t prove credibility, then I don’t know what will.

I personally use GoDaddy and have been using it for many years now.

Just a few months back when I was using GoDaddy, I remember thinking, “Man, this website and logo needs some help.”

old go daddy logo and website


And I’m happy to announce that I checked back in recently and was shocked but what I saw!

I did a double-take and thought I might be on the wrong website.

So I double-checked the domain and to my delight, it was the right website domain that I had typed in. (All those years of typing classes in 2nd grade paid off)

Their site looks so good, so modern, and so sleek now. I love it.


Here’s what GoDaddy had to say about it all.

“We thoughtfully considered every detail of our brand design system and centered it around our Design Ethos.

Our design originates from a tasteful, considered aesthetic, with every creative piece distilled down to its essential form.

The GO is a clear statement of advocacy for entrepreneurs everywhere – a symbol of empowerment that encourages them to stand on their own two feet.

godaddy new logo

Always bright and dynamic, our brand colors speak to the creativity of our customers.

Our wide palette connects with people across the globe and promotes inclusivity for all cultures. We use color to bring joy to our brand.

new go daddy website design

Our bold, serif headline font is elegant and expressive projecting a fresh, modern voice.

It presents a hint of flair for professionalism, giving the brand a distinguished feel.

We use it to establish strong moments of brand for customers.”

I personally love all of the changes that GoDaddy underwent.

The colors, the new and understandable typeface they’re using, the new logo that’s got the word “Go” in it and it’s shaped like a heart.

I really think they took a huge step in the right direction when it comes to approachability.

When you change everything about your website and logo and design, well… that can be truly nerve-wracking.

Kudos to them for taking that huge leap of faith, because I really think it worked out in their favor.

No more weird animation dude sticking out of the side of the logo. Just a really cool, well-thought-out modern logo and great colors.

I personally like all of the changes made, although I know that’s an unpopular opinion.

What do you guys think?


Let us know in the comment section below what you think of GoDaddy’s new identity and design!

Until next time,

Stay creative, folks!




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Top 8 Fonts We Expect To See Designers Use in 2020

Helvetica Now 2020 fonts

Fonts are used to embody the style, direction, feeling, and overall vibe you want your current design project to have.

Since the year has begun, we’re seeing quite a few font trends.

While many people are using brand-new modern fonts, lots of people are digging up old literature and bringing old retro fonts back to life.

8 Fonts We Expect To See Designers Using in 2020

Today we want to go over the most popular fonts in 2020 that we expect to see.

So without further ado, let’s do this.

1. Ambit

Top fonts 2020 Ambit

Who doesn’t love an amazing grotesque font? I know I sure do.

Ambit is a unique sans serif font that was inspired by early grotesques but has been adapted and modified to suit the 21st century.

One of the most unique parts of this font is definitely the curly letters, “r” and “f”.

But if you’re not a huge fan of the curly letters, then that’s no problem. The second set of Ambit will be the one for you!

Because Ambit is so sleek and unique, it’s perfect for packaging and branding.

Check it out here:

2. Helvetica Now

Helvetica Now 2020 fonts

We all know about Helvetica.

You either love it or you hate it, and I’m on the side of the fence that loves it.

I’m a major fan of Helvetica, and Helvetica Now this is the new chapter of this era.

It comes in three different sizes, Micro, Text, and Display. Every character of Helvetica now has been refit and redrawn and they are looking mighty fine in my opinion.

Check it out here:

3. Sweet Sans

Sweet Sans font 2020


Sans, Sweet Sans.

Sans serifs always look so sleek and modern, in my opinion.

Sweet Sans is a sans serif typeface that was designed by Mark van Bronkhorst.

Sweet Sans came about after Mark was inspired by engraver’s lettering templates from the early 20th century.

Check it out here: Sweet Sans

4. Knile

Knile was designed by Atipo Foundry and is a beautiful typeface that you can integrate into your projects today!

Check it out here:

5. Mantra

Mantra Font 2020

Mantra is a gorgeous Sans Serif created by Cynthia Torrez. Being the unique sans serif that it is, it’s perfect for branding, using it as a logotype, and more.

You’ll definitely stand out of the crowd with this font and have some amazing brand recognizability.

Check it out here:

6. Supria Sans

2020 popular fonts Supria Sans

Supria Sans is a unique sans serif that was designed by Hannes von Döhren.

Check it out here:

7. Plantin

2020 popular fonts plantin

Alright guys, check out this typeface.

Plantin is an old-style serif typeface that was created in 1913. A true antique font that you can incorporate in your elegant design projects.

Check it out here:

8. Brandon Grotesque

BRandon Grotesque 2020 popular fonts

Brandon Grotesque is another sans-serif typeface that we’ll be talking about that was also designed by Hannes von Döhren.

The kerning and spacing of this font were done by Igino Marini of iKern.

Brandon Grotesque is a font that I personally use weekly.

The typefaces of Brandon Grotesque include Thin, Light, Regular, Medium, Bold and Black weights.

There are also italic version for each weight.

Check it out here:


We’ve made it to the end of our popular font list of 2020. We hope you enjoyed these fonts that we expect to see in 2020.

Let us know what fonts you’ll be using this year in the comment section below.

Until next time,

Stay creative, folks!

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See what 15 of the Best WordPress Themes in 2020 Have to Offer

There’s no need to continue to stress yourself out plowing through a host of themes in hopes of finding something that just might suit your immediate needs.

“Just might” is not a very good description to hang your hat on.

If you narrow your search down to 15 or so of the top WordPress themes going into 2020 you should easily find what you need. Better yet, we’ve already narrowed the search for you. Add the fact that WordPress will take care of the administrative features for you, and you should be good to go.

If you won’t settle for anything less than a pixel perfect, 100% responsive, SEO friendly, modern, flexible and WooCommerce ready theme, you’ll still be good to go.

We can prove it; read on to see for yourself.

  1. BeTheme – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

            This premium multipurpose WordPress theme, the biggest of them all, is hard to beat in terms of its huge array of tools, features and options, performance, flexibility, and its level of support. Visit BeTheme’s website and you’ll be well into your second cup of coffee by the time you begin to have a good understanding of what this theme can help you accomplish.

  • The highlight is the selection of 500+ customizable, responsive pre-built websites. These professionally crafted design aids cover 30 industry sectors, all the major website types like portfolio, one-pager, etc., and a wide variety of business niches.

They also have functionality and UX features embedded right into them, plus they are customizable and responsive.

  • The popular Muffin Builder 3 page builder, with the WPBakery page builder as an option
  • A Layouts Configurator if you decide to build a page from scratch.
  • A Shortcode Generator and a large selection of shortcodes that, together with BeTheme’s other features, eliminates any need for coding.
  • A powerful Admin Panel that serves to give you all the flexibility you want.

“This theme is the best for WordPress, the layout and flexibility are perfect to develop a site.” – Joso970

Learn more about Be’s 40+ core features by clicking on the banner.

  1. Total Theme

This WordPress theme has been around a while. It has helped more than 41,000 users build premium websites, and it comes with more useful features than you’ll find in most themes of its type and purpose.

Total is and has

  • Drag and drop and extremely easy to use
  • Developer-friendly hooks, filters, and 450+ snippets
  • A Theme Customizer that allows you to quickly change site colors, widths, font characteristics, etc.
  • 100+ page builder elements and extra design modules, along with 500+advanced customizing and styling options

Total’s package includes the popular WPBakery page builder, 40+ pre-built demos, and a quick start demo importer, Revolution Slider and Layer Slider; and Total is WooCommerce ready.

Total is also compatible with most of the popular WordPress plugins. So, you won’t have to be burdened down with an excessive number of third-party plugins.

“I’ve been a loyal customer of Total theme for years. Support is impressively quick, useful and accurate. The theme will allow one to build virtually anything you want. AJ and his team are terrific, and there is no reason to buy any other theme.” – donnieweaver

  1. Avada

Avada has been the #1 selling theme over the past 6 years. There must be a reason – or several. It could be

  • a Dynamic Content System that gives users tremendous flexibility
  • Flawless WooCommerce integration including the capability to drag and drop product designs
  • 55+ pre-built websites to help you build and launch quickly – without coding

You can also import full or partial demos with Avada or use sections from several demos.

“There’s really NOTHING you can’t do with the Avada theme AND they have the best support team of any Theme out there – really!” – MamaSara

Click on the banner to learn more about this best-selling theme.

  1. Houzez – Highly Customizable Real Estate WordPress Theme

Asking a multipurpose theme to provide a solution when a specialty theme is really what is needed is asking too much. Houzez has all the features and functionality a real estate agent or agency is ever likely to need, including

  • property listings formatting options
  • advanced property search capabilities
  • a property management system

Plus, the Houzez theme can be customized to fit an agency’s business model.

“Awesome and very flexible theme and customer support is excellent.” – mardenvato

In need of a specialized theme for realtors? Look no further.

  1. TheGem – Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

Some describe TheGem as having the most beautiful designs for WordPress. Others refer to it as being the ultimate WordPress toolbox for designers. In truth, both descriptions are true.

The package includes

  • 100+ pre-built, one-click installable websites plus 400+ trendy design templates
  • the powerful WPBakery page builder

a ready-to-launch fashion store

I love TheGem Creative Multi-Purpose High Performance Theme. I plan to utilize it for all of my clients. I’m getting some of them to change over as I update their websites.” – acreator7

The ultimate design toolbox is but a click away.

  1. Uncode – Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

Agencies, bloggers, freelancers, and creatives can all benefit from choosing Uncode, as can businesses or anyone wanting to create a portfolio website, a magazine website, or any type of landing page.

Features include

  • a front-end editor on steroids
  • Adaptive image and grid systems
  • WooCommerce single product features

and more, but the star of the show has to be ThemeForest’s best-sellers showcase of user-created websites which tells a story of what this theme could do for you, why it claims 60K+ sales, and why it is a source of inspiration.

“Easy to use theme and customizable to ones need. I give 5 stars for theme support. Really happy!!” – rchakaipa

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  1. Bridge

Rather than trying to list Bridge’s most likely benefactors, saying that this theme is perfect for just about anyone is more than sufficient. This best-selling creative theme’s features include

  • 420+ premade websites
  • open-ended customizability
  • huge collections of modules, design elements, sliders, and plugins including WooCommerce, as well as both the WPBakery and Elementor page builders
  • 5-star rated support

It should also be noted that Bridge serves a community of 120,000+ happy users.

“Very flexible, the demos are beautiful!” – rebecajobs

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  1. Brook – Multipurpose Creative WordPress Theme

The testimonial is typical and says it all. An abundance of cool features makes Brook a web designer’s dream. In the package, you’ll find a huge collection of premade templates, premium site-building plugins, shortcodes, and design elements. Also, Brook is

  • superfast loading
  • SEO optimized
  • easily customizable

As a bonus, there’s a library of support tutorials you can also view to find out more about Brook.


Feature request 5+++++++++

Everything on highest level

This is first time I get this kind of experience.” – souldisco

Visit the site and check out a video tutorial or two.

  1. XStore | Responsive Multi-Purpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Could you use a ready-to-go shop to get an online business started? How about 80 of them? That’s what XStore brings to the table; and there’s more:

  • $300+ worth of premium plugins
  • a single product page builder
  • a powerful header builder
  • demos for a wide variety of products and retail items

In other words, everything you could wish for to get your show on the road.

“As a Graphic Designer, not a web designer, I base my purchases on quality and customer service. I’ve purchased XStore twice and they always have the best customer service if I have a question or problem. Also, the plugins they include for this theme are fantastic value.” – Chelsdevauld

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  1. Typer – Amazing Theme with Multi Author Publishing Features

Typer may just be the ultimate WordPress theme for publishers in general and bloggers in particular. The 100% Gutenburg optimization provides powerful support for creating blog posts while the Elementor visual page builder enables Typer users to create attractive, professionally-design landing pages.

  • No coding knowledge is needed
  • Typer is optimized for speed + real lazy load images
  • unlimited Header style and unique page and post options

You can also expect to receive premium support should you require it.

“Theme is awesome! Exactly what I needed for my site!  Definitely recommend this purchase.” – chriscurran

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  1. Pofo – Creative Portfolio, Blog and eCommerce WordPress Theme

As its name suggests, Pofo is an excellent choice for anyone in need of building an attention-getting and engaging online portfolio. After all, a good portfolio design is often a key factor contributing to a business’s success.

  • Pofo is blazing fast, fully responsive and Gutenberg compatible
  • This theme offers a wide selection of home and demo pages, design elements, and valuable and useful plugins

Features include the WPBakery page builder, Revolution Slider, and detailed online documentation.

“Pofo is beautiful in design, layout, UX/UI, and color scheme. It’s truly 5 stars. However, with such a great product without a great customer support, it can mean nothing because it won’t allow you to achieve what your needs are. My 5 stars go to customer service!” – KARCIS

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  1. Schema

Schema is not your run-of-the-mill premium multipurpose theme. It has many if not most of the features of other premium themes along with one very significant difference: SEO functionality

  • Schema knows what search engines seek
  • Schema guides search engines through your site – content element by content element
  • Schema checks for clean code and other factors that can affect website rankings

Schema is also fully responsive, ultra-fast, and is compatible with multiple page builders.

“Gorgeous design, super-fast response to my question too. thank you for a wonderful theme :)” simonehow

If SEO is a pain in the neck for you, click on the banner for a solution.

  1. Leadinjection – WordPress Landing Page Theme

With Leadinjection, you can do something well that can be very tricky or even impossible with most WordPress themes. Leadinjection is a landing page theme that is uniquely capable of adding a landing page to an already up-and-running website.

Leadinjection is

  • WordPress Multisite Compatible
  • Conversion Focused
  • WPML and Translation Ready

This is a good tool to have if you have one or more websites to maintain.

This theme has some very cool features, and most importantly it is pretty well-documented and very well supported. The developers have been very helpful every time I’ve had a question. -frankdl98

Add Leadinjection to your web design toolkit.

  1. TheFox | Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

It may or may not be a stretch to call TheFox the smartest of ThemeForest’s WordPress themes. But, it certainly has the essential features and elements to back up such a claim.

Maybe it’s because TheFox’s design takes into account the tiniest of details. Whatever the reason, this multi-purpose theme has a solid track record and is a good investment.

“I have been very impressed with TheFox theme. The design and customizability are great and very straight forward. The Customer support is top notch.” – bc hughes

  1. Hongo – Modern & Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Hongo’s new look makes it especially noteworthy, plus the package features plenty of demos, templates, and other creative design elements, WPBakery, one-click demo import, and custom shortcodes.

  • Out of the box premium eCommerce features included
  • Conversion optimised and modern looking product listing and product detail page styles
  • Hongo designs are awarded at many well known awards like, and many others

“Simply the great designs and best theme for WooCommerce, loading fast, customisable and easy to use with the detailed documentation. Their support team is technically sound and very kind to guide wherever needed. We have bought some other themes from ThemeZaa now and they have never lets us down, thanks!” – diyaatps

So don’t wait and start selling your products with Hongo!


            The emphasis in this article is on multipurpose themes.  It is what many designers, and especially beginners, tend to look for. We’ve included several more specialized themes, one of which serves a particular niche, and others that can be used for a variety of website types.

All 15 themes have many things in common such as excellent flexibility and performance, speed, ease of use, and a large and varied selection of design aids. What this means to you is that you really can’t make a poor choice and should have little difficulty in making the best one.

Please feel free to share this article with a friend or on social media. We’d love to hear about your shopping experience.

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