Predictions For Online Privacy and Security in 2016


In the past two years, we’ve seen massive cyber attacks and privacy issues surface in the US. The government has struggled to define a fine line between keeping its citizens safe without violating their privacy rights. Econsultancy’s Todd Ruback says that 2016 will be just as impactfuldigital-government-security. He shares his perdition and current initiatives in EU and US. He mentions Europe’s massive data protection framework legislation, which calls for better access and control of personal data as well as additional obligations for companies collecting and transferring data. He predicts that an improved US Safe Harbor Program will be proposed to propose data transfers between Europe and the US with limited government access to personal data.
He also predicts 2016 will continue to be in favor of the user with added regulation to cookie law enforcement and continued popularity of ad blocking for a faster mobile experience. Finally, the most exciting prediction is the growth of Video and VR, as current tech giants like Google and Facebook are investing in 360 video capability and life-like 3D Video.

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from Web Design Ledger


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