Is Apple Building An App To Help Users Move To Android?


It was recently reported by The Telegraph (UK) that Apple has been working a new app that lets users migrate from Apple devices to Android, if they ever choose to do so.

The said app, among other things, is rumored to help users transfer their data such as photos, contacts, music and other content to an Android smartphone or tablet, should they ever choose to leave iOS devices such as iPad or iPhone.

The reasoning behind this rumor is that Apple has come under fire from several European mobile operators, who feel that users are finding it extremely difficult in migrating away from iOS simply because the transfer of data is a hard task to accomplish.


However, Apple has been quick to deny such rumors, and insists that it is not working on any such app that might ease migration away from iOS and towards Android. To quote Apple spokesperson Trudy Miller, via email to Mashable:

There is no truth to this rumor. We are entirely focused on switching users from Android to iPhone, and that is going great.

As per Miller’s above comment, Apple has a Move to iOS app in the Play Store, which allows users to migrate their data from Android smartphones and tablets to an iOS device.

What do you think of this rumor, and is there any chance there might be a fraction of truth in it? Share your views in the comments below!

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