Rust 1.6 Has Been Released


The latest release of Rust programming language is out, and developers can now upgrade to Rust 1.6

Rust is a popular systems programming language, and the latest version claims to focus on speed, stability and good performance. 

Rust 1.6 is a stable release, and it comes with almost 1000 new patches. The standard library is now two-tiered: there is a small core library, libcore, and built on top of it is the standard full library, libstd. To help you understand the difference between the two, here is how the Rust blog defines it all:

libcore is completely platform agnostic, and requires only a handful of external symbols to be defined. Rust’s libstd builds on top of libcore, adding support for memory allocation, I/O, and concurrency. Applications using Rust in the embedded space, as well as those writing operating systems, often eschew libstd, using only libcore.


Furthermore, Rust 1.6 also makes changes to many functions, and almost 30 methods are now fully stable.

You can follow Rust programming language on GitHub.

Are you a Rust developer? Share your views about the newest version in the comments below.

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