Microsoft Releases its Deep-Learning Toolkit on GitHub


Microsoft has recently announced that its Computational Network Toolkit is now fully open source and accessible to anyone who might have an interest in it.

The Computational Network Toolkit, commonly known as CNTK, is something that Microsoft’s engineers evolved and developed in-house, as a form of artificial intelligence, to enable Windows devices to understand and interact with users in a better manner. 

As far as Microsoft’s internal data is concerned, the CNTK is more efficient than almost all other forms of artificial intelligence, especially when it comes to detecting speech and images, as well as other forms of communication and recognition technologies.

For instance, here is how Microsoft’s internal assessment of the CNTK looks like:


Microsoft intends to use this toolkit to further improve the performance of its software and also for the betterment of GPUs. CNTK was already available for academic researchers under a limited license, but now it is fully open source and available to all the developers.

You can find the source code of Computational Network Toolkit on GitHub, or learn more about it on the official website.

Read More at Microsoft Releases its Deep-Learning Toolkit on GitHub

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