10 Reasons For Which PHP Is Adorable For Web Application Developers


In a digital age where millions have an easy access to the web and that too via their hand-held devices, the popularity of web applications has soared manifold. The market is flooded with web app development companies. They are using a wide range of technologies like PHP, Java, .NET, and many more. Among these, PHP has emerged as a darling of the developer community for creating exciting and dynamic web apps. Although you can hire PHP developer from any web application development firm at a cost effective rate, it is best to know the reasons that make PHP so adorable for web application developers.

• Open Source
Of course, web app development involves a cost, but since, PHP is open source i.e. absolutely free and many of the PHP development tools are free. This means there is no whopping cost for hardware and no vendor lock-ins. Clearly, this makes PHP an attractive one over other popular technologies and gives you enough reasons to pick the same.

• Cross Platform

It is possible to build web applications that can run on all available platforms. Yes, you can run PHP web applications on Unix, Windows, Linux, Netware, and many more. This is marvelous, as no longer developers are expected to build separate web apps for each of the platform. Moreover, in a world where millions of people are using different platforms, cross-platform web application development seems to be the most feasible solution to ensure a better reach.

• User-Friendly
PHP is extremely easy to learn and you do not need to be an expert in programming before attempting the powerful scripting language. It has its syntax similar to C language that makes it all the more user-friendly.

• Fast Development
Website or web app building with PHP is always a straightforward approach with minimum hassles. This means you will take a smaller time frame to build a web application using PHP than any other technology. For entrepreneurs who look for their desired app to launch soon, PHP is obviously a right choice.

• Robust Security
Web app owners often worry a lot about malicious attacks and PHP is a gem in this regard, as it has a multi-layered security that protects a website or web application build in PHP from bugs, threats, viruses and many others. Moreover, you can easily come across a large number of tips to secure PHP web applications.

• High Performance
The development time for a web application is less when a developer is using PHP. Its ability to operate fast on a traditional web stack and achieving a high speed if apache web server is used, speaks volume about its high performance which is admired by all.

• Flexibility
In contrast to other languages or technologies, PHP offers a rare flexibility to the developer. If you are an entrepreneur and have some specific business needs for your app, it is best to hire PHP developer within no time. An abundance of PHP tools helps immensely in this regard.

• Has Extensions
PHP has a large number of extensions so that its core functionalities can extend as per the requirements. This means as a developer, you will feel no problem to meet client expectations and as an entrepreneur, PHP is the perfect pick to have your dream web application.

• Handle Traffic

Most business web apps are built on PHP, and why not as it boasts of an amazing ability to handle voluminous traffic with an ease. Even websites like Facebook and Twitter handling a large amount of traffic every day from all over the world have a PHP framework.

• Both End Development
What makes PHP unique is that it can be used both for front-end and back-end web development. However, most developers use PHP only for the front-end in the case of developing web applications. It is notable that in a web application, front-end is the server-side.

So, if you have already chosen PHP for your web app development, you are on the right path. With PHP, a beautiful, highly functional and engaging web application is guaranteed. Just hire the right PHP developer from a reputed PHP web development company and you will not have to bother about anything.

Author Bio:

Harshal Shah CEO & Founder of Elsner Technologies, a global IT consulting firm with expertise in delivering IT solutions on Web, Mobile and Cloud. I am an tech evangelist with an reputation to provide optimum solutions for business automation and solving real life problems with the power of IT.”

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