Coding Starter Pack Giveaway


Bring Your Web Designs to Life With Coding Basics!

Web Design Ledger and Flatiron School have partnered together for an amazing giveaway! Five very lucky designers will win a chance to learn how to build beautiful websites that are both responsive and interactive with Flatiron School’s Coding Starter Pack for Web Designers.


Coding Starter Pack

This powerful combo of online courses includes Flatiron School’s Intro to HTML + CSS plus Javascript Fundamentals, totaling 200+ hours of engaging and rigorous coursework – valued at $2,700!

These courses allow you to learn all on your own schedule and pace with live instructor support. Upon completion, you will have built amazing responsive websites and rich client-side applications (like a recipe organizer and blogging site).

What’s more, to help you learn, you’ll also get access to experienced instructors, 1:1 mentorship, and a supportive community of students. Enter below to win free enrollment!

Read More at Coding Starter Pack Giveaway

from Web Design Ledger


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