Where to Find Graphic Design Freebies

graphic design freebies

The design industry is a tough place to start a career. The consecrate designers worked diligently to make their names known, and now they are enjoying all the benefits that come with that. But we have to admit that without help of any sort, success is almost impossible to achieve on our own. Because we understand what’s like to be a designer, especially at the beginning of your career, we’ve created a handy list of places where you can find all sorts of graphic design freebies. So let’s get started!


The main idea of this list is for you to save you some money AND time. Sometimes when you work on a big project, you don’t have any minute to spare for researching resources and tools. So we did the job for you. Scroll down and you will find a list of websites that provide you with a multitude of graphic design freebies. Just click the link in each headline and it will take you directly to the source. We hope that you’ll find it helpful and worth of sharing with other fellow beginner graphic designers.


1. The Noun Project | Icons for everything

graphic design freebies


2. Dribbble | Show and Tell for Designers

graphic design freebies

3. Behance | Show and Discover Creative Works

graphic design freebies

4. Reddit | Free Graphic & Web Design Resources

graphic design freebies

5. Free Minimal Logos | Logos For Your Personal or Commercial Projects

graphic design freebies

6. FlyPixel | 828 Design Freebies and Counting

graphic design freebies

7. Hey Design | Design Freebies

graphic design freebies

8. Logo Dust | Logo Designs for Your Startup

graphic design freebies

9. Epic Pxls | Free and Premium Resources For Your Next Project

graphic design freebies

10. FreeDesignResources | Daily Freebies for Creatives

graphic design freebies

11. MediaLoot | Graphic Design Resources for Everyone

graphic design freebies

12. Sketch App Sources | Free Design Resources

graphic design freebies

13. Design Cuts | Design Freebies Archive

graphic design freebies

14. PSD Repo | Free quality PSDs Available For Downloadgraphic design freebies


15. DesignerMill | Collection of Best Free Design Resources

graphic design freebies

16. Fribiesbug | Free Web Design Resources

graphic design freebies

17. Vera Block | Level-Up Your Design Workflow Right Now

graphic design freebies

18. DBF | Dribbble & Behance Best Design Freebies

graphic design freebies







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The Inverted Colors Challenge

inverted color

Do you all remember those golden times when the most you could do with your 4 megapixel-photos was add a Sepia, Black and White, or Negative effect to them? Phones weren’t that advanced and nor were our expectations. Nothing was cooler than having an edited picture taken by someone else. Selfies weren’t a thing back then. Nostalgic for those good times, artists challenged each other to draw pictures based on the Negative effect, and they called it “The inverted color challenge.” Today, we are talking a look at their results and you are the judges. 



Some of you might be asking what does the negative effect or inverted colors (aka. complementary colors) mean. When somebody mentions these concepts they refer to the opposite colors in the color wheel. For example, on that wheel, green is opposite to red, blue to orange, black to white, etc.. Several talented YouTubers recorded their progress as they were drawing different images using the inverted color technique, curious to see how difficult it is to find the correspondent shade and still have a good quality result.

The negative originates back in photography when a camera film would capture pictures inverted, being later transformed into colored pictures, when developed. We’ve decided to feature these works on our website, because firstly, they are a lot of fun, secondly, we wanted to shed a light on talented artists who have gained a reputation online through engaging videos. So if you’d like to see how the inverted color challenged changed the artists’ idea about drawing or painting, check these videos out.


After four hours of painting, this is what I have. I’m looking forward to see what it looks inverted. Even before inverting it I’m pretty happy with how this dude looks… I love it! It’s exactly what I was expecting I’d be wrapped with this if I painted it just like that.

inverted color


My goal is to make this look like a real actual portrait when I invert the colors back to normal again. At first, I thought, well… it can’t be that hard, I will just pick a blue and color the face. Well, it is more advanced than that!

inverted colors

Inverted Colour Drawing Challenge ˚✧₊⁎

Well, wasn’t this fun; I was having enough trouble figuring out how to use gouache for the first time.


I think the most successful part of this was the sky, which is kinda pathetic because it’s kinda easy, but even putting down the colors for everything in this image, I just felt like I have never painted in my life.
inverted colors



We hope you enjoyed this blog post! Stay tuned for more daily spinets of creativity and inspiration!

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Honey Butter: Best Font For Fall 2018 FOTW#10

honey butter font

Sometimes, designers create fonts that we believe could have been done better. It’s not always easy to get the kerning, leading, and tracking jobs done correctly. It takes a whole lot of practice and talent to design a good font, especially given the amount of fonts that invade the market nowadays. Lettersiro is a master of fonts, fact confirmed by Honey Butter, the best font for fall 2018. This is what we will be talking about today. 

honey butter font


Honey Butter is Lettersiro’s newest font, a piece of art expressed through letters. The hand-written style has no flaw, creating interest to whoever sees it. Such fonts can be used in many contexts that need a little bit of sparkle. The star of this fall, especially, would work amazingly for logo designs, blog/web headlines, clothing texts, invitations, posters, cafe/resto signs, and many others. Not to mention that the fonts fits perfectly for any season-themed project. The versatile look makes it easy for your design to stand out in the crowd. The font features three versions:

  • Honey Butter script
  • Honey Butter sans
  • Honey Butter serif

honey butter

The trio font can be pairs interchangeably with ease and they contain more than 600 alternate characters. The creator can also make 260 vectors for Honey Butter Font Trio which you can add to all your designs.

We also make 260 vectors for this font, so you can create many many designs for your projects. Creative market gathers the best font creators of fonts around the globe. We could call it a font heaven. It’s helpful both for the creators, and clients. Letteriro offers this font for a very affordable price of $16. It is important to understand that when you purchase the font, you get the following:

  • Honey Butter Script Clean with over 600 alternate (OTF/TTF) – Alternate contains stylistic, swash, stylistic set ss01 – ss13 , and ligatures
  • Honey Butter Sans Clean (OTF/TTF)
  • Honey Butter Serif Clean (OTF/TTF)
  • Honey Butter Script Rough (OTF)
  • Honey Butter Sans Rough (OTF/TTF)
  • Honey Butter Serif Rough (OTF/TTF)
  • 260 Vector (EPS illustrator/ PNG individual files/and 4 TTF files)
  • 49 Editable logos (EPS illustrator)
  • Character Map for Honey Butter Script Alternates (PDF)
  • Multilingual support – spread your message globallyAÀÁÂÃÄÅCÇDÐEÈÉÊËIÌÍÎÏNÑOØÒÓÔÕÖUÙÜÚÛWYÝŸÆßÞþ

honey butter honey butter

Letteriro created history through his amazing fonts. Below, we cataloged some of his work for anyone interested to check it out.

Holland • 3 Classy Signature Font

honey butter

Holland • 3 Classy Signature Font

honey butter

Sunshine & Vintage Ornaments

honey butter

The Banthink – 3 Font Styles

honey butter

Outsmile Elegant Signature Font

honey butter

Paladise Font & Extras

honey butter

Audhistine Font

honey butter

Time Hunters Script

honey butter

Gisellia – Modern Font Family

honey butter

Yay! You’ve made it to the end of this article! Are you a font creator? We would like to know more about you. Drop us an email at webdesignledger.blog@gmail.com, and we will tell you all you have to do!

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Facebook Stories Hits 300 Million Users and Rolls Out Ads Globally

Today, Facebook has announced that it’s rolling out Facebook Stories Ads to advertisers globally.

More than 300 million people use Facebook Stories and Messenger Stories every day.

Since Snapchat debuted the Stories format back in 2013, it has taken over the social media landscape. Facebook first introduced the format to one of its properties in 2016 with the launch of Instagram Stories and has since launched similar updates across Whatsapp, Messenger and Facebook itself.

And the format is still growing across the board. Data from Facebook IQ found that 68 percent of people say they use stories on at least three apps regularly, and 63 percent plan to use stories more in the future.

The value of Facebook Stories ads

An Ipsos survey discovered that 62 percent of people said they became more interested in a brand or product after seeing it in a story and Facebook says that “brands testing Facebook Stories ads are already seeing results”.

Stories ads also have the power to help your brand grow via word of mouth, with 38 percent of people surveyed saying that after seeing a product or service in a story they talked to someone about it.

In addition, the survey found that more than half of people said they’re making more online purchases as a result of seeing stories and 34 percent said they went to a store to look for a product they had seen in stories ads.

Facebook says that both Tentree, a sustainable, eco-friendly clothing company, and Skout, a dating app,  found that adding Facebook Stories to their Instagram Stories ad campaigns resulted in more customer actions at a lower cost.

The challenges and opportunities with Stories

The audiences on Facebook Stories could be an issue for advertisers. 300 million people use stories across Facebook and Messenger whereas more than 400 million use Instagram Stories daily, and 1.47 billion use Facebook daily.

However, the newness of Facebook Stories could appeal to advertisers seeking a first mover advantage with the format. Brandon Doyle, the founder of digital agency Wallaroo Media, has been experimenting with Facebook Stories ads for over a month, and recently told Digiday:

“CPM and conversion rates have been the best of any placements over the course of the last month, probably due to the fact that the competition is lower there”.

Digiday also revealed that flight-booking service Hopper has seen both Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories ads performing better than ads in Facebook’s news feed and in Instagram’s feed. In fact, the results for Hopper have been so great that the businesses has been “prioritizing designing ads for the Stories format, then adapting them to the other formats”.

Getting started with Facebook Stories ads

Facebook has launched Stories Ads to help businesses reach more people and Stories Ads will be available to advertisers as an additional placement to News Feed or Instagram Stories ad campaigns. Facebook reports that Stories Ads will soon be coming to Messenger soon too.

Facebook Stories ads deliver your message in a fullscreen, immersive environment. Additionally, Facebook Stories ads support every objective that’s currently available for Instagram Stories ads, including:

  • Reach
  • Brand awareness
  • Video views
  • App install
  • Conversion
  • Traffic
  • Lead generation

Facebook Stories ads have been rolled out globally today. To get started with Stories ads, head over to Facebook Ads Manager and create your ad, then when it comes to selecting ‘Placements’ you’ll see the option to include Facebook Stories:

Want to learn more about the Stories format?

With more than one billion people using Stories and vertical video formats across Facebook, Instagram, IGTV — and even YouTube… Have you wondered what this means for your business? We recently partnered up with writer, maker and marketer, Owen Williams, to and how to get started in a four-part email series.

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Colorized Old Photos Bring History To Life

Colorized Old Photos

For a quite long period of time, pictures existed only in black and white. When we look at these pictures, we can’t truly connect and relate to the people in them. They look so far back in time that it’s hard to imagine what it was like to be them. But that alien feeling vanished when a talented artist decided to add color to the pictures. The colorized old photos no longer look like they were taken one hundred years ago, but yesterday. Don’t believe me? Keep reading!


Despite the fact that critics didn’t embrace the whole idea of modernized old photos, Jordan Lloyd didn’t get discouraged at all. Out of passion for art, he transforms old photos that capture moments and scenes from history into colorized, updated ones. The cool part is that they have never been seen in color. Except for the people who were actually present when the photos were taken.

When you’re missing the color, you are kind of looking at the entire composition as a whole; whereas when you add the color, you start looking at the photograph in a slightly different way. You start picking up all these really interesting details you might not notice before, says Jordan Lloyd.

When the perspective changes, we get the impression that all these images suddenly come to life. But the process takes time and commitment. The practice of adding color to old pictures is not a new one. People used to colorize photos by hand, but the result is quite far from looking realistic. This is where tools like Photoshop come in handy.

The secret to doing the research for the colorization is that we now have a wealth of information, it’s just knowing where to look.

The artist looks into diaries, memoirs, advertisements, and the actual clothes of the people in the pictures that have been kept at museums, in order to make sure that the colors are loyal to the originals.

The longest I’ve spent on an image is nearly a month.

After diligent research on a certain picture, the artist takes time to restore any flaw that the photo picked up, such as cracks and scratches. Then, he makes sure the colors he uses to colorize it truly represent the historical moment. The next and last step demands the most knowledge. Jordan analyzes the picture closely in order to determine how the light in the atmosphere interacts with the objects or the people in the photos.

You can usually tell what the atmospheric conditions were based on things like shadows, triangulation of location, and things like that.

Below, we have cataloged some of the artist’s pieces of work. Let us know what you think about it in the comment section below.

Facing the Dust Storm, 1936

Colorized Old Photos Colorized Old Photos

Abraham Lincoln, 1865

Colorized Old Photos Colorized Old Photos

Into the Jaws of Death, 1944

Colorized Old Photos Colorized Old Photos


Flippin’ Burgers, 1938

Colorized Old Photos Colorized Old Photos

Welcome to Tombstone, 1937

Colorized Old Photos Colorized Old Photos


Cotton Choppin’ Hoes, 1936

Colorized Old Photos Colorized Old Photos

The March on Washington, 1963

Colorized Old Photos Colorized Old Photos


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How to Master Vertical Video and Stories: Introducing Our New Email Series

Today we’re launching a short email series enabling anyone to understand the importance of vertical video, and how to get started with the format.

The Stories format, first popularized by Snapchat, has changed the social media landscape.

The format, which encourages users to share short, vertical videos and images has presented marketers, creators, and individuals with innovative, interactive storytelling experiences — and has spearheaded the vertical video revolution.

More than one billion people use Stories on Facebook-owned properties alone. And at Facebook’s F8 conference, it was revealed that the Stories format is on a path to surpass feeds as the primary way people share stuff with their friends sometime next year.

This meteoric growth has created incredible opportunities for marketers.

That’s why we built this series from the ground up: To help you fully understand the rise of vertical video and its importance in the social media landscape, as well as how to get started — even if you haven’t produced video content before.

“Vertical video is an essential part of a modern social media strategy. If you want to be current, if you want to engage your audience, you need to invest in vertical video.” – Kevan Lee, Marketing Director, Buffer

How to Master Vertical Video: Series outline

Seventy percent of digital media time is now spent on mobile devices and 96 percent of mobile consumption is vertical. So if you want to succeed in the mobile-first world of social media, vertical video content is a must.

This four-part email series will take you on a journey through the world of vertical video and Stories, helping you to understand why vertical video is important for your business, what platforms to use and exactly how to get started.

4 free lessons to help you become a Stories expert

Here’s a breakdown of the content you’ll receive as a part of How to Master Vertical Video:

  • Part One: Dive into the science behind why vertical video is so popular and how it’s become the default for social sharing and consumption.
  • Part Two: Take a closer look at the benefits of vertical video and why it’s important for all businesses and creatives to embrace.
  • Part Three: Breaking down all the major platforms that support the stories and vertical video formats.
  • Part Four:  Everything you need to get going with vertical video, including our favorite tips, and things to be aware of as you’re starting out.

Oh, and, don’t worry about a commitment — once the emails are complete, we won’t add you to our mailing list forever (unless you want us to, of course).

Meet your host

How to Master Vertical Video is written by Owen Williams. Owen is a technologist with a background wearing different hats, as a writer, developer, engineer, and marketer — these diverse experiences make Owen the perfect person to help you explore the world of vertical video from various perspectives.

“Vertical is a compelling new storytelling format that can help you connect with your audience in new ways and is yet to be embraced fully by marketers, leaving you a great opportunity to start today.”

Owen Williams (@ow)
Writer, How to Master Vertical Video


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Red Couch Creative Can Make Your Business Look Pretty AOTF#12

Red Couch Creative, inc.

As per usual, we dedicate our Mondays to design agencies that we believe are worth sharing. Red Couch Creative, inc. is a flexible agency, passionate about helping any brand, big or small. If you are looking for a personal touch, odds are that these guys got you covered. The specialize in any field that your project needs to succeed: Design, Branding, Development, SEO, Coding, and Photography.


Who is Red Couch Creative, inc.?


Red Couch Creative, inc. is a graphic design agency that focuses on developing new and innovative ideas to help your business thrive. You don’t have to worry about being overcharged because the team is always updating you on costs.

We only charge for design and development time – phone calls and correspondence emails are always free of charge – and we don’t pad our billing. We live up to the highest ethical standards, which keeps our clients coming back. We’re always ready and willing to give you an estimate on any project as well as work within your marketing budget…

Red Couch Creative, inc. is no stranger to repeat clients. Most of their clients have been with them for over five years, and some of them more than ten. This is a good sign for a company that builds other companies’ identities.

Red Couch Creative, inc.

What do they do?

As I said before, Red Couch Creative, inc.  is good at a lot of things. They have a multitude of talents that are seemingly limited only by your imagination. His are some of the fields this talents cover:

  • Print Design: the agency will take your packaging, catalogs, branding style guides and annual reports to a new level of quality.
  • Logo Design: the logo is the face of your business; get it done right or spruce up the old one.
  • Photography: the agency’s 360° turntable will help get the perfect shot for your product’s debut.
  • Website Design: web design can make you or brake you. They specialize in building websites from the ground up, so that you can be sure that your website functions and looks perfectly.
  • SEO: they work diligently to make sure your website is SEO-driven.
  • Mobile Responsiveness: with today’s tech, a mobile-friendly design is a must.

In case you aren’t already convinced, here are some examples of what you can expect from Red Couch Creative, inc.:

Fireside Mallow

S’mores Kit Packaging

Red Couch Creative, inc.

Boise Family Homes

Logo Design
Red Couch Creative, inc.

Boise Family Homes

Brochure Design
Red Couch Creative, inc.

Relic Coffee

Package Design
Red Couch Creative, inc.


Bottle Design
Red Couch Creative, inc.

Owen Floor Covering

Logo Design
Red Couch Creative, inc.
Thank you for stepping by. We hope that you enjoyed this blog post. If you are a design studio and would like to be featured on our blog, make sure you drop us an email at webdesignledger.blog@gmail.com and we will let you know what you need to do.

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Trying to Create Stunning Designs with Limited Resources? Here are 7 Ways Pre-built Websites Can Help

Wouldn’t it be nice to make a beautiful, highly-functional and UX-optimized website? Especially so without constantly being constrained in your efforts due to a lack of time? A limited budget can also be annoying at times. The answer always seems to be that you have to work harder and accept results that might be satisfactory. Yet, they fall far short of what you had envisioned.

It’s never a nice feeling to know you could have done better if only you had the time and money to do so. There’s a way out of this dilemma, and you may find it a surprisingly simple one. It doesn’t involve a pact with the devil, selling your first born, or even worse, plagiarizing.

What it does involve is pre-built websites. These are the design aids that are in tune with existing industry design standards. They come pre-packaged with an excellent UX design.


Introducing Be Theme, the Premier Source of Pre-Built Websites

Be Theme is one of the best, if not the best, go-to resources for pre-built websites. It has a selection of over 370 and counting that address more than 30 different industries. Yes, you can have so many pre-built websites at your disposal. Then, there’s not much involved in finding a suitable theme for any business website.

As far as saving time and money is concerned, you can easily customize a website from tip to toe. In fact, you will have it up and running in half a day.


Using prebuilt websites when you have limited resources

Here are ways you can use pre-built websites in your quest to deliver a stunning business website. You can do so quickly and with limited resources.


Find eye-candy color schemes that stand out

It can be tricky, and sometimes a little exasperating to try and find a color scheme. Especially if you are looking for something in perfect tune with a business client’s wishes. Once you come across the right color palette, you still have to take care of it. It should not clash with or overwhelm the website’s content.

You won’t have to concern yourself with either of these issues when you use a pre-built website. Be Theme features a collection with 30+ different industry sectors covered. Each of them comes with its choice of color palettes.

Your savings will be in terms of time spent researching. Also, you will save a lot of time negotiating with your client. This is not to mention the time it can take to make proper use of a given color palette.




Follow trends without spending hours on research

Keeping up with the latest trends is a key to a successful career as a web designer. Most web designers know this. Most of them have a problem keeping current because of the sheer volume of work they are faced with day in and day out.

So, following the latest design trends ends up near the bottom of the barrel as far as priorities go.

Be Theme prides itself in keeping up with the latest trends. This is evidenced in their pre-built websites in addition to their other core features. You needn’t feel ashamed or neglectful if you’re not on top of the latest trends. That’s been taken care of.




Build interactive websites that create a memorable experience

Building an interactive website has its own set of rules and tricks of the trade. Done correctly, your website should have no trouble attracting and engaging visitor. It will easily entice them to stick around for a while.

You can choose parallax sliders, scrolling effects, animations, or all the above. Either way, there are many ways they can be worked into your website designs. Creativity is key here, but creativity suffers when the time is short, and the budget is scarce. This is where pre-built websites with interactivity build in can save the day.




Designing a perfect look for a client’s specific business

There is a problem of defining a perfect look. It is that the meaning is usually different from one business type or niche to another. Once you’ve settled on the perfect look, you have to act fast since some trends change with the seasons. Last year’s perfect look won’t always satisfy this year’s clients’ requirements.

Do not wander around for the perfect look at the expense of getting real work accomplished. Instead, why not choose a pre-built website that’s already in tune with existing standards?

By doing so you’ll be well on your way to matching your client’s business to a T.




Get the perfect UX without building from scratch

Books have been written and courses have been given on UX design. It’s a skill that many web designers have yet to master. Consequently, it typically takes lots of time to build a flawless user journey. You could farm the design work out, or simply give it your best shot in the time you have available.

Do not compromise quality to avoid blowing your budget or missing a deadline. Instead, it is better to use a pre-built website that comes pre-packed with an outstanding UX.





If you’ve been a web designer long enough, you know that working with limited resources is par for the course. Try as you might, it’s a lose-lose situation that’s hard to avoid.

You’re sailing along fine one moment, and you find yourself with too much work on your hands the next. Day to day interruptions take a toll on your efficiency as well.

You shouldn’t really have to work all-nighters or hope that maybe you’ll have some free time next weekend.

That won’t be the case when you have a wide variety of pre-built websites to choose from and work with. Be Theme has more than 370 of them. They address more than 30 different industries. They come pre-packed with color schemes, automation, and special effects. The top-notch UX features and functionality are also there!


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How Two Brands Generate Hundreds of Thousands in Revenue on Social Media, Big News from Twitter, New LinkedIn Ad Formats, and More!

Looking to catch up on the latest social media news, but short on time? We have you covered! This week (episode #113) we’re chatting about all of this and more:

  • How two brands are using social media, particularly Instagram and Instagram Stories, to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue and why it may not be as difficult as you think.
  • Instagram is testing a brand new stand-alone shopping app that could put them in the same conversation as massive ecommerce platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento.
  • LinkedIn launches a powerful ad format for businesses called Dynamic Ads. We’re breaking down exactly what they are and what they can do for your business.
  • Big news on the Twitter front. They are releasing a feature that will allows users to switch between a chronological and algorithmic timeline. We’ve got all of the information you need to know.

Join 18,000+ weekly listeners for the Buffer podcast, The Science of Social Media, where we bring you the latest and greatest in social media marketing news, updates, stories, insights, and actionable takeaways.

Let’s dive in!

Buffer Podcast Episode 113 Show Notes

How two brands generate hundreds of thousands in revenue on social media, big news from Twitter, new LinkedIn ad formats, and more [complete podcast transcript]

What follows is a lightly edited transcript of the conversation between Hailley Griffis and Brian Peters.

Brian: Hi everyone! I’m Brian Peters and this is The Science of Social Media, a podcast by Buffer. Your weekly sandbox for social media stories, insights, experimentation, and learning.

Hailley: Welcome to episode #113, I’m Hailley Griffis and this week we’re bringing you the latest and greatest in the world of social media and and marketing, starting with a couple of case studies on how two companies used social media to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales, plus some big news from Twitter.

Brian: We’ll also be diving into exciting new LinkedIn ad formats as well as Instagram’s brand new shopping app. Tons to talk about, thanks for joining us from wherever you’re tuning in – let’s kick off the show!

Part I: How two brands generate hundreds of thousands in revenue on social media

Hailley: It was a cold January morning in Berlin, Germany, and Jonathan Courtney was feeling a bit stuck.

Nearly six years had passed since he founded design agency, AJ&Smart. And though the business had been a huge success — winning multiple awards and a roster of big-name clients — Jonathan felt there was much more to come for his agency and team.

“But what?” he wondered to himself. “How can we take AJ&Smart to the next level?”

Brian: Jonathan decided to make a bold move.

He wanted to share everything that happened at AJ&Smart on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook and YouTube, giving followers behind-the-scenes access to the agency.

Now, 18-months later — and despite the initial pushback from advisors — AJ&Smart has generated in excess 2 million in revenue from clients who first discovered the agency on social media.

Hailley: “We all had what I guess you call ‘real jobs’,” Jay Perkins told us.

Back in 2013, Jay worked at Bigcommerce, an e-commerce software provider where he learned about what it takes to have a successful online business.

But Jay could only hold back his entrepreneurial ambitions for so long.

Brian: After kicking around business ideas for a year-or-so, Jay and his two business partners decided to take the plunge and launch an online store of their own.

Fast-forward to 2018 and Kettlebell Kings is a leading kettlebell equipment supplier based in Austin, Texas, generating mid seven-figures per year in revenue — with much of its new business coming directly from leads generated on Instagram.

Hailley: So what do AJ&Smart and Kettlebell kings have in common?

They both use social media to drive consistent brand awareness, leads, and eventually sales. Hundreds of thousands in sales.

Brian: Lets start with Kettlebell Kings.

Today, Kettlebell Kinds get around 400-600 leads per week from social media, with half coming from Instagram.

Jay Perkins explained to us that most of their biggest deals and business development relationships have come through Instagram — they have even signed deals with national gym chains from leads generated on the platform.

Hailley: Getting to this point is a lot more attainable than you might think.

First, Jay and his team are ‘very strict on the posts that go into their feeds’

The first step to a successful Instagram marketing strategy is creating content for your Instagram feed that your audience wants to see and engage with.

Brian: In the Instagram feed, Kettlebell Kings focuses on sharing educational content and workout examples — this strategy has helped it to amass an audience of over 79,000 followers.

It also reposts images and videos from customers and this user-generated content angle has lead to the hashtag #kettlebellkings being used more than 20,000 times on Instagram

Hailley: Next, Kettlebell Kings features and reposts 10-12 customers who tag us on a daily basis through stories.

It’s a win-win because being reposted by the Kettlebell Kings account is highly engaging and rewarding for those featured and it also encourages more and more customers to share their content on Instagram. And it provides their team with an unlimited stream of great content.

Brian: Cool so quick recap, Kettlebell Kings focuses on creating consistently quality and engaging content for both the Insta feed and for Stories.

But that’s not all… In order to capitalize on all of the views, they’ll include CTAs to “swipe up” in some of their Stories.

Hailley: Once a viewer swipes up, they will be taken to a landing page or an article where they can read more about a topic and enter their email address for more exclusive content.

These pages tend to convert visitors to email addresses at around 25-45 percent, depending on the traffic source. So 100 visits would generate between 25 and 45 new leads, on average.

Brian: Finally, once the visitor has shared their email address it will be entered into one of many email workflows Kettlebell Kings has designed to serve helpful email drip campaigns about kettlebell workouts and techniques from experts.

Jay explained to us that they have unique workflows depending on how someone has entered our system. All of their email workflows are about building value and trust with new leads.

Hailley: And that’s the key.

Kettlebell Kings purposely includes product photos in its emails but rarely sends offers or tries to make a sale. Instead, providing high quality content is the number one goal.

Brian: It’s amazing what can happen when you invest in great content.

Now AJ&Smart is another social success story. The AJ&Smart team was inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk’s mantra of ‘Document. Don’t create’.

Hailley: Once Jonathan and the AJ&Smart team had decided to embrace social media, they went all in. “We invested almost all of our profits in building our brand,” Jonathan told me.

And though his strategy was a little out there for a creative agency — most agencies keep their cards close to their chest — there was a strategic reason behind it.

Brian: “We’re in a commodity market,” Jonathan told us in an interview. “We could compete on price or just rely on the quality of our work. But he didn’t want to do that.

Jonathan wanted AJ&Smart to stand out alone in the field of design agencies. He wanted the business to have its own brand.

Hailley: So they decided to focus on making one channel really great. That channel is Instagram.

‘Instagram is their social media hub’. As Jonathan explained to us, it’s a super low friction way to create content and a great way to get started.

They use Stories mainly to provide an authentic look at what the agency is like day-to-day and tries to show as much of what’s happening in real-time as possible.

Brian: And guess what?

When the AJ&Smart team goes to visit a client, the client already knows the whole journey and what the agency is all about.

And when it comes to their main Instagram feed, they post highly curated content that’s focused on design-related hashtags the agency wants to reach.

Hailley: Here’s the catch.

Jonathan openly admits that long-term social media success rarely happens overnight.

After a couple of months of investing heavily in social media marketing, AJ&Smart had only picked up a few hundred followers here and there. It took about eight-months in total before potential clients would contact the company saying they found it on Instagram, YouTube or any other social channels.

Brian: Jonathan told us, “If I hadn’t have been patient I’d have given up long before we started to see the benefits of social media. If you’re just focused on the numbers, you’re not going to succeed.”

By focusing on humanizing the AJ&Smart brand and by documenting instead of only creating, they were able to generate more than 2 million in revenue directly from social media.

Part II: Instagram working on a brand new standalone shopping app

Hailley: Just when we thought Instagram was all out of new features, sources from The Verge tell us that they are working on a new standalone app dedicated to shopping,
The app — which may be called Instagram shopping or something similar — will let users browse collections of goods from merchants that they follow and purchase them directly within the app.

Brian: At this point, the potential Instagram shopping app is still very early on in the development stage and so there’s no timetable for release yet, but we do believe that Instagram is well positioned to make a major expansion into e-commerce.

More than 25 million businesses already have Instagram accounts, and 2 million of them are advertisers.

Hailley: Four in five Instagram users follow at least one business. Creating a standalone app would allow the company to provide a dedicated home for an increasingly popular activity on Instagram while also expanding opportunities for revenue.

Brian: And of course, in true Facebook fashion, they could introduce more tools for merchants who are building their businesses on Instagram, entering into the space with major e-commerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.

Hailley: As always, we’ll keep you posted here on the Science of Social Media.

I don’t know, Brian, I find myself shopping on Instagram more and more.

Brian: Oh totally – me to. I was just thinking about that the other day. I think I shop more on my mobile phone now than I do on my desktop which is a huge shift for me.

Part III: LinkedIn launches powerful new Dynamic Ads format

Hailley: Alright, next up, LinkedIn has just launched a brand new ad type called Dynamic Ads.
They’re actually really neat. According to LinkedIn, “Dynamic Ads help you build deeper relationships with your audience by automatically customizing your ad creative with the publicly available information from LinkedIn member profiles – adding visibility and scale.”

Brian: So essentially with Dynamic Ads you can personalize the ad creative to feature member profile details such as their photo, first name, company, and job title. LinkedIn says this will “capture your audience’s attention in a way that standard display ads can’t.”

Early results sound promising too as LinkedIn has shared that Dynamic Ads have shown up to 2X the click-through rate of traditional display ads.

Hailley: With Dynamic Ads, you just need to write your ad copy, set up the creative and then LinkedIn will automatically personalize your campaign for each person you target.

Dynamic ads are available in three different formats — Follower ads, Spotlight ads and Content ads — and can be used across your marketing funnel to connect with prospects at different stages of their journey.

Brian: If you’d like to read more about Dynamic Ads or get started with some experiments, head on over to the Buffer blog where we’ve got the inside scoop on everything you need to know.

Part IV: Twitter allowing users to switch to a chronological timeline

And last, but not least, and this one sort of went viral this week, is that Twitter will, yes you guessed it, soon allow you switch between a chronological feed and algorithm feed.
Hailley: Now you will be able to uncheck a box in settings reading “Show the best tweets first,” which will completely revert your timeline to chronological.

Twitter said that they’ve learned that when showing the best Tweets first, people find Twitter more relevant and useful. However, they’ve also heard feedback from people who at times prefer to see the most recent Tweets.

Brian: Ultimately their goal with the timeline is to balance showing you the most recent Tweets with the best Tweets you’re likely to care about, but we don’t always get this balance right.

However, and Hailley we’ve talked about this before, is that I think this is one of those “be careful what you wish for situations” – I’m not sure if people realize just how useful and valuable the algorithm is.

Hailley: Thank you so much for tuning in to the Science of Social Media today.

If you ever want to get in touch with me or Brian, we’re always here for your on social media using the hashtag #bufferpodcast. You can also say hi to us anytime and hello@bufferapp.com

Brian: Yes we would absolutely love to hear from you all.

And a huge thank you from myself and Hailley – we just passed the 18,000 weekly listener milestone and could not be more excited. You all are the reason we do this every single week. So, keep up the awesome work.

Lots more to come in 2018 so stay tuned. Until next Monday, everyone!

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