The Keyboard Waffle Iron Giveaway

website_waffle_beauty_shot_new2 copy

Do you love waffles? Do you love keyboards? We sure do!

Enter The Keyboard Waffle Iron Giveaway to win this geek-chic waffle iron by Chris Dimino.


The Keyboard Waffle Iron is designed from the waffle-out. It features a unique wide format plate that creates a delicious Belgian-style waffle in the shape of your beloved computer keyboard. It also features a comfortable heat-resistant bakelite curved handle for easy flipping.

All of this in a simple and sleek design that compliments your kitchen. Just add heat, batter, and toppings!

Whether on your kitchen stove, backyard BBQ, or outdoor camping grill, you can make great waffles just about anywhere! The Keyboard Waffle Iron’s slim and “wireless” design makes for easy toting to your next brunch, tailgate, or QWERTY club meeting.

In this case, playing with your food is HIGHLY recommended!

Winners will be announced on July 15th! Good luck!

website_waffle_beauty_shot_new2 copyKWI_Open_Stovetop_waffle_low3

Read More at The Keyboard Waffle Iron Giveaway

from Web Design Ledger


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